TURKISH FORUM UK - A Foundation Promoting Turkish British and Turkish - EU Relations
TURKISH FORUM UK - A Foundation Promoting Turkish British and Turkish - EU Relations
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Increase the value of your donations for free through Gift Aid.

If you are a UK taxpayer, you can make a tax efficient Gift Aid donation by completing a declaration valid for this and all future donations.

Download a Gift Aid Donation form

Gift Aid donations made by UK taxpayers allow Turkish Forum UK Trust to reclaim £2.50 from the Inland Revenue for every £10 donated (representing 20% basic rate tax). In addition, if you are a higher rate taxpayer, you may also reclaim 20% (the difference between the basic and higher rates of tax) of the total value of the gift in your Self-Assessment return. For example:

All you need to do is complete a Gift Aid Donation form. This will be valid for all future donations to Turkish Forum UK Trust. You do not need to do this if you have already made a Gift Aid declaration.

Companies can also make tax-efficient donations through Gift Aid by simply deducting the amount when working out profits for corporation tax purposes. There is no need to deduct any tax from the payment and the charity does not claim back any tax on the gift. Companies no longer have to provide a Gift Aid certificate to the charity nor provide a new form of declaration.

For further details please contact Turkish Forum UK Trust or visit the Inland Revenue website.




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