TURKISH FORUM UK - A Foundation Promoting Turkish British and Turkish - EU Relations
TURKISH FORUM UK - A Foundation Promoting Turkish British and Turkish - EU Relations

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Event :                       Turkish Forum UK Bayram Kahvaltısı
Date :                        10/07/2016
Concept :                  Şeker Bayramı ve Londra'da görev süresi dolan müsteşarlar Nazmiye ve Ferit Orçun Başaran'a veda kahvaltısı
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Event :                       Turkish Forum UK ve Genç Türkler Kulubu Yıl Sonu Kahvaltısı
Date :                        14/12/2014
Concept :                  Network
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Event :                       Turkish Forum UK and Young Turks Breakfast
Date :                        02/02/2014
Concept :                  Network.
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Event :                       Turkish Forum UK and Young Turks Breakfast - End of Year
Date :                        08/12/2013
Concept :                  Network.
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Event :                       Turkish Forum UK 10th Anniversary Celebration
Date :                        11th May 2013
Concept :                  Turkish Forum UK celebrated 10th Anniversary with a ball in The Landmark Hotel.
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Event :                       9th Annual General Meeting
Date :                        24th March 2013
Concept :                  Zeren Safa was elected as Chairman of Turkish Forum UK for the 3rd time.
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Event :                       Visit to Ankara
Date :                        June 2012
Concept :                 With the invitation of “Presidency of Turks Living Abroad and Relative Communities”, the representatives of Turks living abroad met in Ankara for a conference. Zeren Safa and Nazif Akpınar represented Turkish Forum UK in Ankara.
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Event :                       Celebration after successfully completed 6th Turkish Fest
Date :                        July 2011
Venue :                     Ishtar Restaurant / Baker Street
Concept :                 6th Turkish was successfully completed and the Volunteers celebrated it with dinner and dance.
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Event :                       Reception to announce 5th Turkish Fest
Date:                         March 2010
Venue :                     Muswell Hill
Concept :                 5th Turkish Fest is publicly announced at the reception that MP David Burrows, Cllr Nilgun Canver and the press have been present as well as Turkish Forum UK members
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Event :                       Sponsorship
Date :                        March  2010
Venue :                     Enfield.
Concept :                 Under 13 Years old Turkish table tennis players were supported in Enfield Ellenborough Table Tennis Club
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Date:                          November 2002

In support for Turkey’s accession to EU, on the eve of the Copenhagen Summit.               
The meeting was organized by TOBB (The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey) about 450 NGOs (300 NGOs from Turkey and 150 NGOs from Europe) get together in Brussels; TFUK was the only NGO from the United Kingdom.


Health Project

Event:                          First Aid Training
Date:                           21 March 2005
Concept:                    First Aid Training for TFUK members by Stanley Brooks, First
Aid Instructor
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Event:                       Health Project
Date:                         13 May 2004

A series of meetings that were organized by two private hospitals ( Acibadem Saglik Merkezi and Anadolu Saglik Merkezi) in conjunction with health   professionals based in London to support health tourism in Turkey.

A health awareness campaign was organised by TFUK to make the Turkish community in the UK aware on health issues by publishing regular articles in a London based Turkish newspapers, provided by Doctors and health professionals.

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Other Activities

Event:                          Hotel olympia 2004
Date:                           23-27 February 2004
Venue:                        Excell

Concept:                      World Cookery Olympics, British Open Cookery Championship

TFUK sponsored Turkish National Cookery Team and brought other sponsors together such as BMC,Sabanci Group, Eda Food Ltd, TFC Sweet World.
Turkish Team achieved 3rd place at the “Master Chefs Grand Prix”, and one 1st place and two 2nd places at other categories.
Turkish Team also received the award of “The Best Foreign Team in the Kitchen”.

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Other Activities and Events Organized, supported and facilitated by TFUK:


  • “What Career?” A career planning and advisory seminar regularly organized in association with some other London based Turkish NGOs. This event provides professional advice to Turkish students who studied in the UK and about to embark on new career moves.
  • Transportation was provided for the European Championship football match between Manchester United – Fenerbahçe



  • Provided assistance to Hackney Council to award grants to about fifteen Turkish businesses on and around Holloway Road and Seven Sisters Road. This grant was established to improve shop settings/fronts in preparation for London Olympics in 2012.


  • TFUK organized a fundraising dinner on 3 February 2005 for the victims of Tsunami disaster in the South East Asia.


£ 1200 was raised from the dinner and was sent to a disaster fund in the region.


  • A reception was organised in support of the Turkish candidates participating in local elections in England. This event pulled together politicians, Turkish community representatives and other interested parties who has vested interest in Turkish communities wellbeing in the UK; the venue was The Melia White House Hotel in central London. 


  • In support of preventing biased and partial arguments portrayed by the Armenian diaspora campaigners, TFUK representatives attended to several meetings in Scotland and Wales voicing Turkish side of the story.  TFUK posted publications and letters to MPs and other interested bodies in England and Scotland.

TFUK posted letters to Councillors at Edinburgh Council in Scotland in support of Turkish thesis on the Armenian issue.


Social Activities

New Year Celebrations

2008 - 2009     Yam Yam                     Photo archive Media coverage

2006 - 2007     İsthar Restaurant         Photo archive Media coverage

2005 - 2006     Hilton Kensington      Photo archive   Media coverage

2003 - 2004     Simpsons Atrium        Photo archive Media coverage



Monthly Dinner Meetings

Regular monthly dinner nights; this popular event is an ideal platform to catch up, socialise and meet new members. Usually organised in a Turkish Restaurant and  open to TFUK members as well as their guests and new members.   

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Annual General Meetings

17 February 2008:
26 November 2006:
17 April 2003:




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